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You're viewing the archived version of the website used in the successful campaign for Palo Alto's Measure N Library Bond in November 2008. The Palo Alto Library Foundation (PALF) lead the bond campaign and now leads a fundraising campaign to fill our new libraries with books, technology, and furniture!
PALF's website is no longer online. For ongoing support of our libraries please visit the Friends of the Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) website here: https://www.fopal.org

Mitchell Park Library & Community Center
3700 Middlefield Road
Built: 1958

Mitchell Park is our busiest library in terms of people who visit and the number of books and other materials that are checked out. It is one-third the size it should be and has half the number of books it should have for the people it serves. It has no spaces for groups to work together or for programs to be offered. It is required to close on hot days when the interior temperature is unsafe. The current traffic flow of pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars is convoluted and unsafe. It must be replaced with a new building.

The proposed new library and community center will be the right size for south Palo Alto, will have flexible spaces for people and programs, will be environmentally friendly, and will rationalize the traffic pattern. These improvements are contingent on the bond passing in November 2008.

The future of Mitchell Park Library & Community Center

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