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You're viewing the archived version of the website used in the successful campaign for Palo Alto's Measure N Library Bond in November 2008. The Palo Alto Library Foundation (PALF) lead the bond campaign and now leads a fundraising campaign to fill our new libraries with books, technology, and furniture!
PALF's website is no longer online. For ongoing support of our libraries please visit the Friends of the Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) website here: https://www.fopal.org
Palo Altans have voted and the results are now clear! Better libraries are on the way!
69.36% voted YES ON N
Welcome to the library bond campaign in Palo Alto!
Our campaign is called "Better Libraries for Palo Alto."
Our Goal: Bring our 50-year-old libraries into this century and up to par with libraries in neighboring cities/communities.
Our Motto: "Great communities deserve great libraries."
Our Task: Get a bond measure (Measure N) passed on November 4th to rebuild and renovate our well-used libraries.

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Did you know?

  1. Palo Alto ranks dead last out of the 10 local libraries rated in a survey by the city auditor.
    The facilities are cramped and dilapidated with no room to expand the collection. They lack space for teen homework; toddler storytime; and quiet adult reading space. There are too few internet connections and meeting rooms.
  2. In spite of the fact that they are cramped and outdated, Palo Alto libraries are well-used.
    Our circulation is up 45% in the last 7 years. There are 2,300 visitors EVERY DAY to the libraries.
  3. The 2008 bond plan is a good investment and the result of careful study and community consensus.
    There are no frills, but once complete, it will modernize all branches for the next generation. It will rebuild Mitchell Park Library and Community Center, renovate and expand the Main Library and remodel, refurbish and upgrade the Downtown Library.
Take a look around, let us know if you have any questions, and please join us!
Palo Alto's library buildings are among the worst and most outdated in the Bay Area and they need to be brought into the 21st Century to meet our community's needs.
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